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Dark Gaming or DG is a Terraria server created somewhere in the beginning of 2012.

One of our most notable features is Mobile Compatibility(although buggy), it allows players from Mobile and PC to play together.

Modified PvP: Custom weapon damage, velocity and more! Allowing even pre-hardmode weapons to pack a punch.

Free items and infinite boss fights.

Customizable Chat, Leveling and Economy, Dark Gaming’s currencies are DP and Credits, DP can be gained by playing and Credits can be bought for 1USD each alternatively, voting gives you 0.05 Credits. Dark Gaming’s Economy is DTP or Dark Gaming Trading System, all members are not part of the economy by default until, they log into DTP.

Loadouts, saving and loading characters to and from the server.

Zombies Survival, our unique gamemode inspired by CoD Zombies.

Equality, everyone is treated equally.

TSL - Lag Reduction

Our Rift, Items, SpecialItems and Gamemodes Dimensions are TSL powered. This means you get reduced lag and faster join times. If 50 people join our Items Dimension, TSL will automatically put you in a group of 10 people, meaning you won’t experience horrendous lag and the chest area won’t be covered in players. Best of all, it won’t lag at all server-side, providing you with a fast and lag-free experience.

Balanced PvP

Our pvp is like no other, many weapons have had their damage altered, velocity altered and their damage capped. Certain equipment and armor has been disabled. This makes pvp fresh, interesting and exciting. For the first time ever, we get to balance pvp and make almost every weapon as useful as each other. Damage cheating and godmode has been eradicated. PvP has never been so balanced.

Why should I join this server?

We are at the forefront of development. We constantly improve on our existing services and build new ones to accommodate our users. When enough people request something or another server provides something you would like here, we build it and we make it better.

What would keep me here long-term?

I think it goes without saying that our community is one of the biggest factors. We have people that have been around for years, the kind of people you will make friends with and have fun with for years to come. Further, because our server is so multi-use, you can often resolve boredom by switching to one of our other services. Bored of building? Try PvP. Bored of PvP? Try Zombies. There’s always something to work towards and things to do.

What’s different here compared to other servers?

Often times, there is always something going on. We’re always evaluating user feedback and potential areas of improvement. For example, people started complaining after 1.3 that weapons were unbalanced and pvp wasn’t fun anymore; well we fixed that. We didn’t just ban a few weapons and call it done, no we went all the way; we developed a system that allows us to alter weapons damage, velocity and more changes to come, and appointed a council to oversee the balance and make changes where necessary, with the goal of making as many weapons useful as possible.

Can we donate? What do we get?

Our server uses a Credits system. You purchase Credits, which you can use for many things. First of all, you get perks from the amount you purchase, such as powerful commands like “/spawnmob” and secondly, you can use the Credits to build your own custom titles and tags. Not satisfied? Request something to be added as an option! We will make it so!


And that’s it. The rest is history; which is yours to make.